About (06 Jan 2014)

Hi there!

This is a blog about various things, but it is mainly about Computational Biology, Systems Biology and Cancer Research. I started this blog, just because I want to share a few humble yet probably interesting observations--I had and hopefully will have-- and my experience throughout my research.

As many of researchers already are, I am, too, frustated with the current system of publishing and making key results available for a larger communitee. I, also like many others in the field, have been suffering a lot from the lack of published negative results. I often find myself trying to investigate things that have already been studied extensively, yet there is not much information publicly available on it. This is mainly because we do not bother publishing small findings if they are not interesting enough to get published.

Ergosome will hopefully become the medium that I will shortcut this painfully process and write things I find worthy of sharing. The name of the blog is simply a synonym for Polyribosome; and it is also a word that resonates well with the famous Latin phrase "cogito, ergo sum."

Want to learn more? Feel free to visit my personal page or shoot me an e-mail at

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